Lactofree Restaurant of the Month

Lactofree Restaurant of the Month

Our favourite restaurant this month is Jamie Oliver’s chain of authentic, affordable, and lactose friendly Italians.

Jamie’s Italian embodies the TV chef’s mantra – quick, simple quality. Recommended by our lactose intolerant community member, Nicky, she tells us you can expect fast service, a lively atmosphere and most importantly, a varied menu that includes good lactose free food.

“I’ve always experienced exceptional service from the knowledgeable staff,” says Nicky. “Many of the dishes are lactose free with the staff being able to advise you on what you can and can’t eat – the Truffle Tagliatelle is fantastic!”

“The Jamie’s Italian menu is driven by what you’d find ordinary people eating over in Italy,” says Jamie. “Rustic, simple dishes, the best ingredients we could find both locally and in Italy – and seasonal too – made with care but delivered without lots of fuss.”

Whatever you have a hankering for, from fresh sea bass fillet, to dry-aged, chargrilled steak, or a variety of traditional Italian pastas and salads, you’ll have a lot to choose from. And as Jamie’s Italian has nine venues across the UK, you can also choose which one you want to visit.

We want to thank Nicky for sharing her favourite restaurant with us and we’d love to know what you think if you try it out.

Visit the Lactofree Restaurant Guide for more information about Jamie’s Italian and lots of other restaurants near you, or submit your own lactose free culinary hotspot so that we can give it a try!