Lactofree are on Facebook!

Lactofree are on Facebook!

Team Lactofree love to network and communicate with our community, so we’re very excited to invite you to join our Lactofree Facebook group!

Through this group you can discuss the range, help each other to find products, or swap restaurant and recipe tips with others who are passionate about Lactofree.

Susan from the West Midlands joined and posted her comment: ‘Christmas came to our house! My daughter is soooooo happy she can have cheese. In fact it is so scrummy I don’t buy the normal cheese anymore, we all have it.’

Daniel wrote on our wall: ‘I think it’s a smashing idea – Lactofree cheese – I haven’t had cheese in three years. Keep up the good work.’

Hannah added her comments: ‘Wow cheese! I love cheese so much, I was so upset to have to give it up.’

Join the Lactofree Facebook group to post your comments, unite with other members of the community and help to spread awareness of lactose intolerance.