Happy Mother’s Day from Lactofree!

Happy Mother’s Day from Lactofree!

In honour of Mother’s Day this Sunday, Team Lactofree want to celebrate three very special mums from our community who have fought hard to diagnose and control their children’s lactose intolerance.

Emma Lancaster of Cleveland, battled with doctors for almost a year before her son Alfie was diagnosed with lactose intolerance. She now has a second baby who is also lactose intolerant and she continues to go that extra mile to ensure her children don’t feel like they’re missing out.

Emma says: ‘I’ve educated myself through the Internet about lactose intolerance in order to provide detailed information to my son’s nursery who were unfamiliar with his condition. There’s a great need for better education, understanding and public awareness of lactose intolerance. Lactofree is doing so much to enable my children to be “normal” and I hope that you can continue with your research and development.’

Susie Pellington of Derby, was sure that the doctors were wrong when they said there was nothing wrong with her baby, Ben, who was always screaming in distress.

She explains: ‘I found health visitors and doctors very naive about what is an incredibly common intolerance. Ben is now aware of what he can and cannot have (and so are all the children in his class at school!) but I believe he doesn’t miss out because of great products like Lactofree.’

Janet Kerwin of Morpeth, discovered her son Will was lactose intolerant when he was just a few weeks old.

She says: ‘I drank Lactofree milk when I was breastfeeding, and now he’s nearly two he loves to drink it too. The addition of cheese to the Lactofree range is a Godsend! Will is just starting to talk and one of his favourite words is “cheese”!’

Visit our Your Story page to read about their experiences in full and you can also submit your own story of lactose intolerance and win Lactofree vouchers.

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