Calling all Mums

Calling all Mums

Living with lactose intolerance can be especially difficult for children who don’t always understand why they have to go without certain things. But luckily, these children have some of the most amazing mums to help them adjust – and make their favourite things with Lactofree!

Ahead of Mother’s Day on the 14th of March, we would like to hear from you – the mums of the Lactofree community.

Susan Goater recently told us about her daughter: “Lactose intolerance had a huge impact on Emily’s life. She gave up activities such as sport, and was teased by classmates if she needed to use the toilet, or did not make it in time. But since her diagnosis, Emily has flourished so much and the additions to the Lactofree range make her feel more in tune with ‘normal’ food.”

When you are suddenly faced with a child needing a different diet, nothing helps more than learning from the experiences of others – and realising that you are not alone.

So we are asking you to share your stories, advice and children’s recipes this week to show support for each other – and celebrate the amazing jobs you all do helping your children to live happily lactose free.

Submit your story here or add your child’s favourite Lactofree dish to our recipe club.